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Serving the Aggregate, Chemical Limestone and Chemical Lime Industries


Recent additions to the DCA group has enhanced its ability to offer expanded services in the areas of geology, industrial minerals, marketing, market research, strategic planning, business development, and certified industrial plant and equipment appraisals.

DCA handles engineering and consulting assignments in many facets of the aggregates, sand & gravel/mining and processing, chemical lime and limestone industries.

Our Services include design and implementation of core drilling programs including logging cores and determining quantity and value of reserves.

Recently Added Services

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Engineering/Consulting Services

  • Open Pit Mine Engineering/Planning

  • Open Pit and Underground Mine Design

  • Reserve Analysis and Evaluation

  • Geological Services and Evaluation

  • Underground Feasibility Studies

  • Ventilation and Rock Mechanics

  • Production Performance Evaluation

  • Transition from Open Pit to Underground

  • Certified Plant and Equipment Appraisals

  • Certified Industrial Property Appraisals

  • Technical Equipment Evaluation

  • Plant Feasibility Studies

  • Cost Reduction Evaluation

  • Engineering Services

  • Blast Design and Fragmentation Evaluation

  • Quarry & Plant Permitting

  • Plant Engineering  / Layout

  • Market Analysis and Development

  • Business Development & Strategic Planning

  • Acquisition / Merger / Sale Assistance

  • Hydrator And Baghouse Engineering Design

  • Expert Witness

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Mine Design and Planning

The company provides engineering, mine design, and mine planning for the following types of operations:

  • Surface quarrying operations – an evaluation of the reserves, structural geology and rock type is made from on-site visits and drilling information. Slope stability analysis is completed with haulage studies and a review of blasting practices.

  • The quarry plan is then designed to maximize recovery and minimize operating costs.

Underground operations – current underground mines are evaluated for efficiency of haulage, drilling/blasting, ventilation, dewatering systems and evaluation of current roof control plan and pillar designs.

  • Transition to underground – this includes the economic evaluation of reserves and the determination of the economic point of transition from a surface to an underground mining technique. The costs associated with this technique and the evaluation of potential success of the underground operation including infrastructure evaluations are completed

Trouble-shooting services are provided to evaluate the reason for slope failures and corrective measures are provided. Review of roof and pillar problems are completed with recommendations and provisions to eliminate the effects of “bad ground” in the future.

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